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New Cooltone™ Body Toning Treatment Coming Soon!

Dr. Schulz is pleased to be bringing the latest innovation from Allergan, the makers of CoolSculpting®, to Infinity Skin Care patients. The new Cooltone™ device is coming soon! It is an FDA-cleared magnetic muscle stimulation treatment that induces painless muscle contractions to firm, tone and strengthen your abs, buttocks and thighs. Cooltone™ is a non-invasive addition to your current fitness goals and helps promote a firmer, more defined look with a series of treatments that are performed without the need for anesthesia or numbing. Best of all, patients can go back to their normal routines with no downtime or side effects. The device is scheduled to arrive later this year. Patients who are interested in Cooltone™ are encouraged to call Infinity Skin Care at 319-337-5355 and get on our complimentary consultation wait list

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