Vascular Treatments


Bothered by broken facial vessels, isolated brown spots, or cherry angiomas? Try IPL Photorejuvenation.

Since 2003, Infinity Skin Care has used IPL Photorejuvenation for our patients in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. It is one of the most versatile skin treatments available.

Though you can get rid of wrinkles and creases with Botox(R) Cosmetic and injectable fillers, if your complexion is full of red vessels and brown spots, you will always look older than your true age.

IPL Photorejuvenation can be used on any part of the body and is extremely popular for the face, neck, chest, forearms and hands.

IPL Photorejuvenation is a non-surgical approach to skin renewal that transforms your looks for the better. And there's no down time; you can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Pulses of light target pigment and vessels in your skin without harming surrounding tissue. You'll feel little to no discomfort during the procedure. The result? Your skin will look and feel better than it's ever looked before. We recommend a series of 3-4 treatments for best results.

IPL Photorejuvenation Before & After

How does IPL work?

Photorejuvenation uses an optimized light device to deliver energy into the skin, targeting vascular lesions. These slowly disappear through your body's natural healing process.

How long is the IPL procedure?

The photorejuvenation procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. You can return to work or your normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Does IPL hurt?

Most people feel little to no discomfort during the procedure.

What can I expect following the treatment?

Typically, most people experience a mild, sunburn-like sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling immediately following the treatment. These sensations usually only last a few hours.

IPL can help reduce and eliminate unsightly vessels all over your body. Call Infinity Skin Care to schedule a focused consultation at 319-337-5355.


Eliminate unsightly spider veins on your body through sclerotherapy. Spider veins are small blood vessels that lie close to the surface of the skin and have a red to blue color.

Patients with spider veins on their legs, thighs, or buttocks often avoid wearing shorts and swimwear because of the web-like appearance of these veins.

Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment that dramatically clears spider veins. A specialized solution is injected into the spider veins, causing a "scarring down" of the vessel. It's more effective, less painful, and less expensive than laser spider vein treatment. Sclerotherapy treatment is considered the gold standard for spider vein treatment.

Some spider vein patients - typically those with larger veins - may benefit from a technique called foam sclerotherapy. During this treatment, we inject foam solution into the vein, causing the vein to compress and diminish.

During your initial appointment, Dr. Schulz and her staff will provide a clinical evaluation of your leg veins and determine which procedure will help you best achieve your desired outcomes.

Sclerotherapy Before & After

What are the side effects?

The most common side effect from sclerotherapy is mild pain from the injections. The solution causes injury to the inner lining of the vessels, which in turn causes minor pain. Bruising, redness, and swelling at the injection sites are also common side effects.

Will my spider veins return?

While most patients benefit from sclerotherapy, the injections cannot prevent the formation of new spider veins. Prolonged standing, future pregnancies, and heredity all contribute to development of spider veins.

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It's never too late to start looking your best. Begin your journey to beautiful skin with a consultation or treatment at Infinity Skin Care.