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Dr. Schulz Blog: Skin 101


Dec 19, 2019

During this busy time of year, it’s easy to let self-care fall through the cracks. We’re all guilty of rushing from place to place, trying to tackle our endless holiday “to-do” lists, and forgetting to care for ourselves along the way. Nutritious meal choices are often bypassed in favor of quick, eat-on-the-run fast food, quality sleep suffers and a daily focus on skin care and overall wellness can plummet on the priority list! By the time the holidays do roll around, we’re often feeling worn out and ready for a much-needed break!

So how does one hit the pause button on the hectic pace of the holidays to interject a bit of self-care along the way? Small details like reducing daily screen time, standing and stretching for brief moments during the work day (for those of us who sit behind a computer for long periods of time), regular exercise and ditching processed foods for foods rich in natural antioxidants, proteins and vitamins can go a long way in boosting our overall health and well-being. Daily skin care can also play a fundamental role in combatting the stress of the holiday season and will contribute to youthful, glowing skin just in time for those family get-togethers and holiday parties we’ve worked so hard to prepare for.  

Where to start you ask? When you’re pressed for time, an all-in-one day cream is a fast and easy way to nurture your skin (and your spirit) with antioxidants, anti-aging peptides, and sunscreen (yes even in the winter months!). A couple of these go-to day creams that will pamper your skin this holiday season include Intellishade® TruPhysical™ by Revision Skin Care and Journée by Neocutis, both available at Infinity Skin Care. Intellishade® TruPhysical™ is a unique moisturizer with 100% all-mineral broad-spectrum sunscreen that includes five anti-aging products in one! It’s an Infinity staff favorite! Journée by Neocutis is another powerful day cream that provides four key benefits in one: revitalization, antioxidants, UVA and UVB protection and lasting hydration. Cleanse your skin, apply your day cream and you’re good to go!

When your long days of shopping and bopping come to an end, night-time skin care with a product containing retinol can be just as easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle as your day-time skin care routine! Retinol products such as the AlphaRet line by SkinBetter® Science or Retinol Complete by Revision® Skin Care help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven tone and texture, so you look fresh and ready to take on the world. Apply right before bedtime, layered under your favorite moisturizer.

If you can carve out enough time for a treatment at Infinity, rejuvenative procedures like microneedling, Clear + Brilliant® or microdermabrasion are quick and easy treatments that provide a luminous after-glow with little to no downtime. Can’t find the time to make it in before the holidays? No problem! Call us and schedule an appointment for after the first of the year, and you can look forward to some well-deserved “me-time” after the holidays!


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